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FreshPaintMagazine is an independent international bimonthly digital and print art publication

FreshPaintMagazine was first founded and published in Philadelphia, US, in 2013. The inspiration for this publication stemmed from the need to provide more opportunities for emerging artists and developing connections with the contemporary art scene. The project quickly gained support in Philadelphia’s art society, later to attract artists from all over the US.

In 2015 FreshPaintMagazine established its presence in the UK, initially in London, but now over England and Wales. This has brought FreshPaintMagazine up to a new level with an expanded content and has enabled the magazine to further one of its principal aims of reaching out to a growing international art audience, especially from Europe.

Whereas the first 8 issues were published quarterly and on-demand, since 2015 the magazine has become a bimonthly publication with a bigger print run on both sides of the Atlantic.

FreshPaintMagazine is listed as one of the top 20 independent magazines for creatives at Creative Boom.